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Post-Production Surface Treatments
  • Surface Finishings

    Surface finishings we offer :  Sanding&Deburring, Sandblasting, Polishing, Painting, Annodizing,Electroplating,Wiredrawing,Laser Engraving,Silkscreening, Textures making, Leather covering and Metal polished cut edge etc.

    Surface Finishings
  • Surface treatments for Metal Parts

    Main surface treatments of metal parts:

    A. Sanding,deburring and polishing.

    B. Sandblasting and Shotblasting.

    C. Wiredrawing.

    The 3 above treatments of metal parts are mostly used for semi-finished product or parts with natural color. There’s also many other treatments for metal parts including Annodizing(mainly natrual color),electrostatic powder coating(various colors,beautiful and cheap,mostly used),electrophoresis(Shinny K gold ,K silver,champagne),Fluorocarbon spraying(many colors,good weather fastness with high price),Thermal transfer(usually for wood texture)

    Surface treatments for Metal Parts
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