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CNC Precision Machining combines CAD(Computer Aided Design),CAM(Computer Aided Manufacture) and CNC technologies is a subtractive manufacturing method which cuts away needless material from sheet material to form the shape of the needed part.Our factory has equipped with 15 CNC Precision Machining Centers, our CNC programming and operation professionals team can offer quick-response to customer’s requirements and assure the quality and lead time of the machined parts.

Materials for CNC machining: ABS(imported,domestic,black,fireproof), POM(Acegal), PMMA(Acrylic),PA(Nylon),PC,Bakelite,Aluminum,Magnesium,Zinc,Copper,Steel etc.

The advantages of CNC prototypes was reflected in the high precision in accordance with design drawings and the high surface quality of CNC prototype,especially when complete surface painting and silk-screening. CNC prototype is even more beautiful than plastic injection products.

How we use CNC center to make prototypes ?

1.3D drawings(2D is also acceptable in some simple projects) with material,quantity and surface finishings requirements are needed before manufacturing.Then our technicians in Programming Dept. will make the CNC program as per your drawings.

2.A program list will be give to our PD,our experienced workers will receive raw materials and let the program run in the computer to start the CNC milling.During the whole process , our workers are standing beside the computer and the operating door to change different size cutters and observing the workpiece.

3.Preliminary shape comes out,then the workpiece will be sent to our Manual Dept. to check the size and then sanding and deburring.

4.Check the size again after polishing and then send it to painting according to the Pantone NO. you gave us after washing it clean.

5.After being painted , it will be sent to our Quality Testing Dept. for 3D detction.If all is ok , we'll inform customers and ready to send it away.

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